This is a collection of logos that I have designed over the years. A great logo design is supported by the attention to detail and precision that the designer displays. Focus should always be placed on a well thought out concept. First logo shown in the collection was the chosen design by the client. In some cases, some of the designs shown were never chosen at all.
Company: MJR Photography | Industry: Photography | Concept: The letters MJR are created using the same shape for continuity and simplicity.
Company: Muay Thai Radio | Industry: Media | Concept: A hand wrapped fist holding a vintage broadcasting microphone to evoke a classic feel.
Company: North Jersey Muay Thai | Industry: Sports | Concept: Typography placed on top of the acronym NJMT.
Company: Newberry Rosario | Industry: Photography | Concept: Mark designed for the initials N and R in a sleek and memorable style.
Company: Passaic Pediatrics | Industry: Health | Concept: An fun icon design of an infant in the shape of a heart with the stethoscope forming the ears.
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