This is a collection of logos that I have designed over the years. A great logo design is supported by the attention to detail and precision that the designer displays. Focus should always be placed on a well thought out concept. First logo shown in the collection was the chosen design by the client. In some cases, some of the designs shown were never chosen at all.
▼ Company: Lerner | Industry: Realty | Concept: Logotype in a bold typeface showing stability while the focus is placed on the letter E's evoking structure
Company: Addicted To Candy | Industry: Food | Concept: Logo locked in along with the logotype showing a fun character enjoying a kids favorite pastime – eating candy. The logotype is rounded to evoke fun and make the design more welcoming overall
▼ Company: Allana's Difference | Industry: Cosmetics | Concept: The Icon shows the letter A for Allana's while it is also an abstracted flame to highlight the companys work which is making custom candles
Company: Come Cook 4 Me | Industry: Food | Concept: Logo designed for a chef that travels to locations. The logo is meant to portray high end cooking at home
▼ Company: Dom | Industry: Housing | Concept: Logo for a housing comapny. Dom meaning home is in the cyrillic letter D while also showing a fort. The fort stands for strength.
▼ Company: Nutrition Warehouse | Industry: Health | Concept: The icon shows a home or warehouse with the door as the negative space showing a pill to highlight the sales of health products.
Company: MAG Advisors | Industry: Advisement | Concept: The mark is consisted of an abstract square housing the letter M. The mark was designed to stand apart from the competition.
Company: Maria Ortiz | Industry: Cosmetics | Concept: The Icon has been inspired by lipstic and the action of freely gesturing the letter M.
Company: Milos Topic | Industry: Technology | Concept: Logo for a blog that covers technology. The mark is an ambigram of the letter M. The bottom half of the mark shows the letter T in the cyrillic alphabet to highlight the surname Topic.
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