This is a collection of logos that I have designed over the years. A great logo design is supported by the attention to detail and precision that the designer displays. Focus should always be placed on a well thought out concept. First logo shown in the collection was the chosen design by the client. In some cases, some of the designs shown were never chosen at all.
Company: Fattys | Industry: Restaurant | Concept: Custom type resembling the good days of the retro era. (Featured in the 2013 Graphic Design USA Magazine).
Company: Fell's Cleaners | Industry: Cleaners | Concept: Altered typeface with the letter F showing leaves evoking a sense of freshness while highlighting that Fell's Cleaners is completely "green" — using only environmentally friendly cleaning products.
Company: Foxhound | Industry: Music/Clothing/Urban | Concept: An edgy iconic fox head evoking the pursuit of passion, accomplishing what others said you couldn't and free thinking. (Featured in the 2014 Graphic Design USA Magazine).
Company: GAC Entertainment | Industry: Entertainment | Concept: Custom GAC type with the letter G resembling a needle from the record. Other concept resembling a record in the form of the letter G.

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