Winning logos from LogoLounge books 9*, 11 & 12.
*Logos in book 9 are listed under Pix-l Graphx (the design company I worked for at that time).
Stay Ready | Unused Logo
TopicCreative Icon | Letters T + C combined using an abstract apostrophe 
Ayur Icon for Health & Wellness | Icon contains the 4 elements earth, wind, fire, water.
Laurus Opes Logo for Accounting | Icon contains the letters L + O
Vollers Icon for Excavation | Icon contains an abstract representation of an excavator
Bell Pharmacy Icon 
Elianne Ramos Logo for an Online Blogger | Icon contains the letters E + R designed as an ampersand
Razyn Logo for Gaming | Icon shows a bolt and an abstract letter R
Trump | Part of a larger illustration for his meeting with Kim Jong-Un
Nikola Tesla Illustration | Unused
Serbia Football Association Redesign | Unused 
Bull Icon | Unused
Tiger Icon | Unused
Hand | Unused
Obesity in America Icon | Unused
Firmhouse for Commerce | Unused
Nailed It | Unused
Laurus Opes for Accounting | Unused
FoxHound for Apparel | Unused
Unused Icon 
Dope Type 
Off-Topic Type found here: Off-Topic
Electric Type | Unused
Knives Icon | Unused
Use Time Wisely Icon | Contains an abstract hourglass in the negative space 
Nikola Tesla Icon | Contains bolts and the letter N
Off-Topic Type found here: Off-Topic
M + W Icon | Unused
Victory Icon | Contains the letter V and a sword in the negative space
BoxHead Type found here: BoxHead
InFightStyle Badge | Unused
Down with Love Icon | Unused
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